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Food-grade gelatin is a primary production item of the Food Industry.  

Gelatin is a natural protein produced from bones and delicate skins of animals.  

Eight of the twenty two amino acids essential for the metabolism of human body cannot be produced by the human body. Animal and vegetable sources are required. Gelatin is a natural polymer that is made up of amino acids. Gelatin contains 18 amino acids, so it does offer some nutritional benefits. 

A gelatin water molecule can hold up to 10 times its own weight. Aqueous solutions at temperatures below 30 degrees celsius turn into a form of jelly-like solid. When a solution is whipped into a foam (e.g. Marshmallow), the texture and appearance of the end product can be maintained for a long time without spoiling. Gelatin, with an extremely low calorie level and high protein content, is an important source of food especially for growing children and athlets with high activity level and protein requirements.

Gelatin is not a food additive, but an ingredient that adds new and different features. For this reason, the consumer doesn`t have to restrict intake.

Product Bloom (g) Diameter (mesh) Packaging Shelf  life
Beef gelatin 270 – 200 20 (max.) 25 kg paper bag (available in big bags as well)

60 months

Pig gelatin 300 – 180 6 – 30
Fish gelatin 250 – 150 4 – 40
Poultry gelatin 350 – 150