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Citrus fiber is a functional, concentrated dietary fiber ingredient from purified citrus peel.

Citrus fiber is an all-natural ingredient with high water holding capacity suitable for water management, fat replacement and texturizing. It requires no E-number and is a clean-label ingredient. Moreover, it has no allergen and gluten.

  • Texture improvement
  • Increased yield
  • Drip loss control
  • Replacement of other gums or ingredients
  • Heat stability
  • Gluten free ingredient
  • Cost effective products


Basic products and specifications 

Product Water absorption  pH Particle size Packaging Shelf  life
Citrus fibre 7000 Min. 10 7 – 9 90% below 350 microns Polylined paper bags 24 months
Citrus fibre 7000F Min. 8 90% below 200 microns
Citrus fibre 7000SF Min. 6 90% below 75 microns