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1. Isolated soy protein with gel and emulsion function

Use: high-temperature meat products, minced ham and emulsified sausages.


  • Good water preserving capability, keep the taste of meat products; enhance water absorption of baked food and pastry, reduce drying up and extend its shelf life.
  • Gel texture provides water, taste and sugar holding capacity, and better elasticity as well.
  • Good emulsifying properties to accelerate the formation of oil-in-water emulsion, reduce oil droplet size, stabilize emulsion. This can increase the output rate of products.
  • After sprinkling phosphatide, the product has very good hydrophilic properties and high solubility.

2. Isolated soy protein – emulsion,  lecithin coated

Use: high-temperature meat products, minced ham sausages, emulsified sausages etc.

Characteristics: good emulsion, better water binding and oil/fat absorption at 1:5:5.

3. Isolated soy protein – nutrition

Use: beverage, health supplement, sport drinks, nutritional powder etc.

Characteristics: Properties of being dispersion stable, instant and soluble in water, recombinant, non-dusty.

4. Isolated soy protein – injection kind

Use: low-temperature meat products, such as sausage, crispy bacon.


  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Good dispersion stability and penetrability
  • Good instant property, perfect for injection-brining
  • Good hydrophobicity and solubility, can be evenly distributed throughout the meat products.
Product Function index Crude protein (dry basis 6.25) %  Packaging Shelf life
Isolated soy protein with gel and emulsion function   Emulsion (protein: water:oil) – 1:5:5 90 20 kg white paper bags with inner Food Grade HDPE Bag 12 months
Isolated soy protein -emulsion, lecithin coated
Isolated soy protein – nutrition Dispersibility – totally dispersed within 17 seconds, no agglomeration
Isolated soy protein – injection kind Dispersibility (1:10) – within 20 seconds