Functional Beef Protein Collagen

Collagen protein is used to increase structure in basic meat products. Collagen protein collects meat protein and improves the texture of the product, prevents degradation and loss of fat during the shelf life of the meat product, as well as performs the functions of emulsifiers and stabilisers.
Water and oil binder
With a high water absorption and fat binding capacity, collagen protein improves the quality of meat products. Collagen protein increases fat and water holding retention in products after the manufacturing process, prolongs shelf life, and protects product color.
By mixing with meat, fibers expand forming a protein matrix in the meat structure. The protein matrix improves cooking and cutting characteristics as well as standardises the meat product.
Improves texture and paste
Due to water and fat binding characteristics, collagen protein allows for more watery food, and allows food applications requiring reduced fat.
Better moisture reduction in cold slicing
In cold cut meat products assists in retaning moisture, as well as increasing product shelf life and improving appearance.
Water activity reduction
As meat protein molecules form hydrogen bonds with water, the use of collagen protein provides a reduction in water activity, improving shelf life and reducing water loss during storage.

Ways To Use Functional Beef Protein Collagen
• Addition in dry form
• Emulsions
• Injection
• Addition in gel form

Product nameProtein (%)Particle size (mesh)PackagingOrigin
Functional beef protein collagenmin. 90Fine powder13 kg paper bag (available in big bags as well)Bovine hide